Accomplishment~ 2012

Just a few of the many organizational accomplishments....

~In the 2011-12 fiscal year, Community Connection programs served 420 participants.

~In the 1st quarter of 2012-13, Community Connection programs served 229 participants.

~Met or exceeded outcome goals in all programs.

~The BitterSweet Fundraiser in March was a huge success!

~ We were honored to have prominent City and County guests at our Recognition event in the Spring.

~ Completed our 1st “Work, WORKS” training in April

~We provide Food Distribution at 3 locations, support by 3 of our adult programs (Mariposa Wellness Center, Project HomeBase & PEI).

~ We continue to have successful collaborative partnerships with SJSU, JFK, UCSC, CSU-MB and Cabrillo College. Interns strengthen our programs and offer new perspectives and fresh ideas.

~ CSU-MB intern Jennifer Roberts researched The Avenues program, and found that “WorkFirst” is an effective tool in supporting a person with a co-occurring disorder.

~ Mariposa Wellness Center was successful with their Fall Car Wash fundraiser.

-Several participants quit smoking as a result of our fight against smoking and smoking awareness/cessation presentations in the Mariposa Wellness Center program.

~2 smoke free days were added at the Watsonville site.

~Recognized as a food drop off site in partnership with Second Harvest.

~Listed as emergency food pantry for our participants.

~3 participant receptionists learned Excel. They learned how to make tables and do basic math formulas to input data and calculate sum totals and averages.

~ 2 participant receptionists learned designing and creating event flyers using Microsoft Word on the computer.

~ The Avenues program completed their 2nd year of programing and started the third year on September 1, 2012. 

~ The Avenues program hosted a successful 2nd annual WF BBQ

~ Implemented monthly birthday celebrations in the Avenues program. 

~ The Avenues program redesigned monthly awards/celebration (clients now nominate their peers for awards - recovery, leadership, peer support, employment). 

~The Avenues program integrated money management counseling into program

~The Avenues program gave presentation to SC County MH Board

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