Stress and Working

Hey just a short blog to tell you what's going on around the store. It is getting really busy. The summer season is starting, and we feel the stress. We are all keeping the pace. We are actually  excelling as stress go's up performance levels  go up as well. The customers are great and my co-worker are fantastic as well. That it for now. I'll write more next time.
Supermarket worker signing off. 

Being Healthy Wealthy and Wize

Everything is great. The sale of the store is not going into effect untill December. We are working hard. The store has been busy, but we are keeping the lines short. I'm keeping all my Doctor appointments and exerciseing everyday to stay healthy. I haven't miss any work.  Everything is good in my life and the same with those around me.
That's it for now
I'll write more next time
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We are apprehenisve

Hey all is going into change.  The store is in the process of changeing owner ship. the union called the other day and told us that the store is being sold, and they asured us that they will do everthing posable to keep our jobs. but we are a little scared. I hope we are able to keep our jobs. that's  it for now I'll write more latter.
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see ya next time 

Love Holiday

Hey last week was Valintine's Day it was really busy around the store. We got a few more hours then the other weeks. This week we are back to getting 24 hours a week.  Other then the hours everthing is going well. The custermers are great, and my co-workers are the best. I'll Write more next time.

After Holiday Blues

Hey Its the start of a new year. The store has been realy busy, but we are not getting many hours. We all get schedgeled 24 hours per week. and they never calls us in for more hours. It's a little depressing our checks are so small. I wish I had better news. that it for now I'll write more next time.
see ya
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New Happenings around the Store

Hey just a short blogg to tell you what's happening around the store. This year we all have less hours around the holidays.  The last few years we recieved at least 40 hours a week around the holidays. This year I recieved a lot less not even 24 hours. It's been alittle difitcult to get by I could not buy any presents for my famliy this year. It has been a long hard year. Hopefuly next year will be better.
thats it this time.

holiday's at the store

Hey my store is doing well. All the holiday shoppers are out, and my co-workers are dealing well with the extra stress. We are all happy to work at the store. Our management is allways good to work with. 
that's it for now

Less hours at the store

  Hey just a short blogg to tell you about the happenings around the  store. We have less hours schedgeled. We went from about 32 to 24 hours. Less money will be a hardship, but I have more time to play. That's it for now. I'll write more next time.
super market worker signing off 


  Hey just a short blog to tell you what going on at the store.  We are getting shorter hours at the store. They have been giving less hours per/week. The custermers are great and my co-workers are the best. 


Hey, all is going well at the store and in my life.  At the store the custermers are great. They are considerate, and patient. My co-workers are the best they always work hard, and are good with customers and co-workers. In my life I'm exercising, eating right, and getting plenty of rest.
Hey that's it for now
super market worker signing off

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