Business Solutions

How we can help

We strive to meet your business needs!

Our agency works with motivated and qualified people who are eager to work hard for your business. Our staff act as a resource for both the employee and the employer.

We provide a variety of support services for the employer & your new employee that include:

  • Job task analysis
  • Pre-screen & match qualified candidates
  • Eliminate your recruitment & hiring process
  • Job coaching training support as needed
  • Tax incentive & On-the-Job Training consultation
  • Mental health disability education & information
  • Mediation & third party consultation if needed
  • Ongoing support for employer & employee

At Community Connection, our job does not end when the employee is hired. We are available to provide ongoing employment support for both the employer and the employee. Our goal is to provide the necessary support so that the employee will retain his or her position for a long period of time. 


To find out how your business can support and utilize the programs at Community Connection, please contact us online or by calling (831)425-8132. 

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